Friday, June 26, 2009

Subscribing – The Best Way To Make No Money Online

As a beginner your journey might have either started by a question “can I make money using internet?” or by clicking the ad which appeared while browsing. Once you knew that you can make money online, using search engine (Google always) you dive deep into the sea of money making online websites.

You type keywords like “best way to make money online” or “easy way to make money online” or “opportunities to make money online” etc. Google gives you millions of results and you start clicking on and visiting websites, all of them in the first page of the search engine first and then the inner pages.

You also start subscribing to the blogs fearing that you might miss some information about making money. You also read the comments, you if don’t understand anything what they are talking about in the comments (this happens when you are visiting an A-lister’s blog), you leave without commenting. Later with some experience and knowledge about money making online, you might comment on some blogs and tick in the box to follow the comments through your email.

As you gain experience, you use different keywords like “best keyword tools” “how to rank well on Google” “how to find a niche” etc and now you are busier than earlier.

After visiting literally hundreds of blogs and subscribing to them, visiting them regularly, and after reading all the stuff, one fine day you get bored and type your favorite keyword “Lindsay Lohan’s boobs” or “easy yoga” or “types of Grizzlies.” Once again you dive deep into the sea, a different one now and start visiting, reading, downloading, copying, and subscribing.

Now you have successfully subscribed to enough blogs and websites that you can be very busy all your life visiting the blogs you have subscribed for, reading the thousands of emails you get which you don’ t know resulted from you commenting and subscribing using your email ID, and within few days you will master the skill of spending your time in front of your computer without making any money online.

If you are a sensible person unlike me, one fine morning you will realize you are not going anywhere with regards to money making and start unsubscribing from all of them leaving one or two make money online blogs like the Grizzly’s and follow their advice towards success.

But if you are foolish like me, you will never have that fine morning and continue your life reading and commenting on stuff. The problem is you tell everyone offline that you are a blogger and make money blogging and the bigger problem is you start believing that yourself.

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