Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grizzly's Great Money Making Blog For Beginners

Yep, not knowing or ignoring Grizzly and his blog on how to make money online is the first way to successfully not make any money online. Grizzly’s blogs especially the one which is started to educate beginners to successfully make money blogging is my first recommendation to any beginner who wants to make serious money online.

Don’t worry about the recent posts which you might fail to understand, patience is a virtue my friend, dig deeper you will find a gold mine. Grizzly clearly explains using language which anyone from any part of the world can easily understand. He writes with a wonderful flow that you don’t get bored reading those lengthy posts. Anybody who is serious about making money online read the complete posts and learns and those who are not interested click the ads and that is Grizzly way of making money.

Grizzly gets thousands of visitors to his blogs and most of them suffer from ADHD and click on the ads. The rest of them who has some discipline and can focus become his students and religiously follow teachings and work on his methods towards success.

Personally I made no money till I found him. Eighty percent of the money I make through blogging is because of Grizzly and I will write about the remaining twenty percent in future posts.

Now what you are thinking is wrong, I am not making a lot of money. I am making a little money because of Grizzly, and I am not making any big money because of the thousand reasons which I am going to write about in this blog, the thousand ways not to make money online.

Grizzly started with the ugly free blogspot blog and tested a lot of success financially and also became the most successful person in money making online niche. His USP is he teaches everything free of cost and never sells anything to his readers. His money comes mainly as I said earlier from those suffering from attention disorder.

In a nutshell, Grizzly says that to make money you have to rank well in the search engines (read Google) for a keyword which has a lot of traffic and advertisement. To do that apart from the adequate keywords in your posts, you need to have a lot of links pointing to your website. To achieve this you need to develop a lot of skills as a blogger and Grizzly is kind enough to clearly explain the nuances of blogging to make money online.

Now if you are beginner for whom this blog was started, you might be wondering about the words like keyword, search engine ranking, back links etc. Grizzly’s blog is made truly for a beginner, start reading from his oldest posts and his lessons you slowly but definitely get enough knowledge to make money online not just as a blogger but as a website owner and internet marketer as well.

Without further delay in your money making success, dive into Grizzly blog on how to make money online.

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