Sunday, June 28, 2009

Start A Money Making Blog Now

One of the thousand ways to make no money online is to do what I am doing at present, starting a blog in money making niche. As a beginner (I always remained a beginner), you subscribe to so many money making blogs and continue reading them so much the only fresh and overloaded information in your mind would be about money making online. After commenting on so many blogs and forums, you feel that you need to start a blog on money making to share your knowledge which at the first place was borrowed from someone else.

There are thousands of bloggers who are not making any money but write about the ways to make money online and I and not different from them. Writing about niche blogging, one of the MMO gurus (yes I occasionally stray away from Grizzly’s blogs) said that one has to have expertise in the niche to taste any success and I thought I am expert now in the ways of making no money online.

The success in MMO needs you to be an expert in selling things to your readers like many A listers do or dominating the search engines for the keywords. I am not interesting in selling anything, because I know I will fail as I failed in real life as a sales person trying to sell some stupid water purifier. The only other way is to dominate the search engines for the money making keywords.

But after some research, I knew that it is almost impossible to gain some rank with any of the money making keywords not even the long tail keywords with ten words in them. There are many money making online websites most of them selling something, think that is only way they make money. Apart from them there are lions of money making niche like Grizzly where your blog has no chance of ranking anywhere in the first 100 pages of the search engine.

I don’t think this post will restrain you from starting a money making blog, because I got this advice many times from Grizzly and friends. I know there are many people like me out there. Indulge yourself in the ways of making no money online without qualms, we are special people, we at least don’t cell stupid e-books on money making. Start a blog today.

Once again I would like to remind you as a beginner you need to first learn the trade from the expert Grizzly. In spite of the 1000 ways I know how not to make money online, I do make some money online because of the few sane things I do whenever I am not intoxicated (read boozed). I hope after learning the trade from him, you don’t start mastering the ways not to make money like me. Visit his blog how to make money online.

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karaberky said...

Great post. I should agree that you have to use your initiative to find a good work now. :)