Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ignoring Hubpages Money Making

As a beginner looking for making money online writing you might have come across revenues sharing websites like Hubpages and Squidoo. For any reason if you ignore Hubpages, it would be a mistake because the easiest way to earn your first dollar is through your hubs, and in fact my first dollar online was from Hubpages.

I started writing hubs when I never knew the word “keyword.” For some reason it is very easy to rank if you write for Hubpages. As a beginner it is easy to get visitors to your hubs very easily. But the success depends on how well you write. If your hubs are well written and informative or entertaining your hubs automatically draw in a lot of visitors.

For a beginner, the hardest part of ranking well in search engines is getting back links. Even the websites which contain good content need some marketing before they start getting natural links. That hard part is taken care of by if your hubs are really good and you can start making good money.

With interesting topic and relevant keywords and attractive headline, you can attract a lot of visitors. With the initial success, your hub starts climbing up in the search engine ranking, how I don’t know but this happens.

Though I made good money for the few hubs I posted there, as an expert in making no money online, I strayed away from Hubpages for a long time now but am still getting few dollars everyday for the hubs I have posted long ago.

For more information you can visit and .

Start A Money Making Blog Now

One of the thousand ways to make no money online is to do what I am doing at present, starting a blog in money making niche. As a beginner (I always remained a beginner), you subscribe to so many money making blogs and continue reading them so much the only fresh and overloaded information in your mind would be about money making online. After commenting on so many blogs and forums, you feel that you need to start a blog on money making to share your knowledge which at the first place was borrowed from someone else.

There are thousands of bloggers who are not making any money but write about the ways to make money online and I and not different from them. Writing about niche blogging, one of the MMO gurus (yes I occasionally stray away from Grizzly’s blogs) said that one has to have expertise in the niche to taste any success and I thought I am expert now in the ways of making no money online.

The success in MMO needs you to be an expert in selling things to your readers like many A listers do or dominating the search engines for the keywords. I am not interesting in selling anything, because I know I will fail as I failed in real life as a sales person trying to sell some stupid water purifier. The only other way is to dominate the search engines for the money making keywords.

But after some research, I knew that it is almost impossible to gain some rank with any of the money making keywords not even the long tail keywords with ten words in them. There are many money making online websites most of them selling something, think that is only way they make money. Apart from them there are lions of money making niche like Grizzly where your blog has no chance of ranking anywhere in the first 100 pages of the search engine.

I don’t think this post will restrain you from starting a money making blog, because I got this advice many times from Grizzly and friends. I know there are many people like me out there. Indulge yourself in the ways of making no money online without qualms, we are special people, we at least don’t cell stupid e-books on money making. Start a blog today.

Once again I would like to remind you as a beginner you need to first learn the trade from the expert Grizzly. In spite of the 1000 ways I know how not to make money online, I do make some money online because of the few sane things I do whenever I am not intoxicated (read boozed). I hope after learning the trade from him, you don’t start mastering the ways not to make money like me. Visit his blog how to make money online.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Subscribing – The Best Way To Make No Money Online

As a beginner your journey might have either started by a question “can I make money using internet?” or by clicking the ad which appeared while browsing. Once you knew that you can make money online, using search engine (Google always) you dive deep into the sea of money making online websites.

You type keywords like “best way to make money online” or “easy way to make money online” or “opportunities to make money online” etc. Google gives you millions of results and you start clicking on and visiting websites, all of them in the first page of the search engine first and then the inner pages.

You also start subscribing to the blogs fearing that you might miss some information about making money. You also read the comments, you if don’t understand anything what they are talking about in the comments (this happens when you are visiting an A-lister’s blog), you leave without commenting. Later with some experience and knowledge about money making online, you might comment on some blogs and tick in the box to follow the comments through your email.

As you gain experience, you use different keywords like “best keyword tools” “how to rank well on Google” “how to find a niche” etc and now you are busier than earlier.

After visiting literally hundreds of blogs and subscribing to them, visiting them regularly, and after reading all the stuff, one fine day you get bored and type your favorite keyword “Lindsay Lohan’s boobs” or “easy yoga” or “types of Grizzlies.” Once again you dive deep into the sea, a different one now and start visiting, reading, downloading, copying, and subscribing.

Now you have successfully subscribed to enough blogs and websites that you can be very busy all your life visiting the blogs you have subscribed for, reading the thousands of emails you get which you don’ t know resulted from you commenting and subscribing using your email ID, and within few days you will master the skill of spending your time in front of your computer without making any money online.

If you are a sensible person unlike me, one fine morning you will realize you are not going anywhere with regards to money making and start unsubscribing from all of them leaving one or two make money online blogs like the Grizzly’s and follow their advice towards success.

But if you are foolish like me, you will never have that fine morning and continue your life reading and commenting on stuff. The problem is you tell everyone offline that you are a blogger and make money blogging and the bigger problem is you start believing that yourself.

Great Free Tools To Spy Other Websites And Blogs

There are quite a number of wonderful tools available online to spy on other’s sites. Spying other’s blogs and websites in important to be ahead of other in search engine ranking. But as a beginner with websites that are getting literally no visitors, these tools are of no use.

Though most of these tools are not free, you can also get a free version of each of these tools with little ability to spy. These free versions are enough for a lot of entertainment.

These tools might be useful for successful website optimizers and blog masters. But as a beginner you can spend a lot of time spying other successful sites and blogs making sure that you don’t make any money online.

To help you I am listing some of those wonderful tools to spy other websites and waste your precious time. I am just listing four of those tools which are sufficient enough to keep you busy and guarantee your failure in making money online.
The last one is my favorite and one of the 1000 ways I used not to make money online.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grizzly's Great Money Making Blog For Beginners

Yep, not knowing or ignoring Grizzly and his blog on how to make money online is the first way to successfully not make any money online. Grizzly’s blogs especially the one which is started to educate beginners to successfully make money blogging is my first recommendation to any beginner who wants to make serious money online.

Don’t worry about the recent posts which you might fail to understand, patience is a virtue my friend, dig deeper you will find a gold mine. Grizzly clearly explains using language which anyone from any part of the world can easily understand. He writes with a wonderful flow that you don’t get bored reading those lengthy posts. Anybody who is serious about making money online read the complete posts and learns and those who are not interested click the ads and that is Grizzly way of making money.

Grizzly gets thousands of visitors to his blogs and most of them suffer from ADHD and click on the ads. The rest of them who has some discipline and can focus become his students and religiously follow teachings and work on his methods towards success.

Personally I made no money till I found him. Eighty percent of the money I make through blogging is because of Grizzly and I will write about the remaining twenty percent in future posts.

Now what you are thinking is wrong, I am not making a lot of money. I am making a little money because of Grizzly, and I am not making any big money because of the thousand reasons which I am going to write about in this blog, the thousand ways not to make money online.

Grizzly started with the ugly free blogspot blog and tested a lot of success financially and also became the most successful person in money making online niche. His USP is he teaches everything free of cost and never sells anything to his readers. His money comes mainly as I said earlier from those suffering from attention disorder.

In a nutshell, Grizzly says that to make money you have to rank well in the search engines (read Google) for a keyword which has a lot of traffic and advertisement. To do that apart from the adequate keywords in your posts, you need to have a lot of links pointing to your website. To achieve this you need to develop a lot of skills as a blogger and Grizzly is kind enough to clearly explain the nuances of blogging to make money online.

Now if you are beginner for whom this blog was started, you might be wondering about the words like keyword, search engine ranking, back links etc. Grizzly’s blog is made truly for a beginner, start reading from his oldest posts and his lessons you slowly but definitely get enough knowledge to make money online not just as a blogger but as a website owner and internet marketer as well.

Without further delay in your money making success, dive into Grizzly blog on how to make money online.