Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ignoring Hubpages Money Making

As a beginner looking for making money online writing you might have come across revenues sharing websites like Hubpages and Squidoo. For any reason if you ignore Hubpages, it would be a mistake because the easiest way to earn your first dollar is through your hubs, and in fact my first dollar online was from Hubpages.

I started writing hubs when I never knew the word “keyword.” For some reason it is very easy to rank if you write for Hubpages. As a beginner it is easy to get visitors to your hubs very easily. But the success depends on how well you write. If your hubs are well written and informative or entertaining your hubs automatically draw in a lot of visitors.

For a beginner, the hardest part of ranking well in search engines is getting back links. Even the websites which contain good content need some marketing before they start getting natural links. That hard part is taken care of by if your hubs are really good and you can start making good money.

With interesting topic and relevant keywords and attractive headline, you can attract a lot of visitors. With the initial success, your hub starts climbing up in the search engine ranking, how I don’t know but this happens.

Though I made good money for the few hubs I posted there, as an expert in making no money online, I strayed away from Hubpages for a long time now but am still getting few dollars everyday for the hubs I have posted long ago.

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